Shantipur – Fulia


Bengal handloom saree weaving centre of Shantipur


The bustling town  of Shantipur in Nadia district of West Bengal, India, is just 90 kilometres (2 hours drive) north of the metropolis of Kolkata. It has recently been declared a city. Neighbouring Fulia is often uttered in the same breath with Shantipur, their contrasting backgrounds notwithstanding. Together they are perhaps the most renowned  Bengal handloom saree weaving centre in Bengal. Shantipur and Fulia sarees are household names across India.

Shantipur has a history as a seat of Sanskrit literature and Vedic learning dating back to the 9th century. The first recorded references as a handloom weaving centre are over 500 years old.  Fulia in contrast  shot to fame as a centre of handloom saree weaving more recently, banking on immigrant weavers from Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan.

The Shantipur – Fulia region has over 125,000 handlooms, churning out Shantipuri, Tangail, and Jamdani handloom sarees in a variety of yarns like cotton, tussar and silk. Dhotis, dress materials, stoles and scarves are also woven.

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9 comments on “Shantipur – Fulia

  1. Hi,

    Recently I visited Fulia and bought a few sari for small business. Now I want to expand more. Can you help me in this regard.

    Ms. Gupta

    • Dear Ms. Gupta,

      Thanks for your queries. I am very much interested to do business with you. Could you please send me your phone number? Are you based in Kolkata?

      As for pre-puja business, we are left with very short time. So sooner we start, the better.

      Waiting for your response.

      Best regards,

      Aditi Mukherjee.

  2. Hello Aditi,
    Thank you for the information you have provided about Fulia taant sarees.I stay at Mumbai.. basically u may say I am Probashi Bengali…And Mumbaikars here have a great fascination for Calcutta Cotton Sarees.
    For the same whenever I visit kolkata I usually buy sarees from Gariahat and sell them at Mumbai at a very good margin.
    I would definitely like to expand this business. Alongwith sarees I would like to sell few more Cotton products.
    I would appreciate if you provide me more information about the same.
    Thanks and regards,
    Shibani Gupta.

  3. Great to know so many peolple are interested in Fulia’s Saree. I was born and did my schooling in Fulia and really enjoying this site. A lot of my school friends are in Saree business. It seems they are doing well (thanks to this site). Although I stay in Kolkata and travel a lot, I visit fulia whenever possible to spend time with my oldies.
    I am not in Business, so would not waste your valuable blog page much. In case anyone is interested to know more about Fulia, I will be happy to share freely being that my birth place.

  4. Heading of the subject should be separate for Shantipur and Fulia. Now a days FULIA has own identity & I thnk most of the people knows about Fulia more ,than Shantipur. Third line of d abvmntiond summary – ”NEIGHBOURING FULIA IS OFTEN UTTERED WID D SAME BREATH…………..” – is not true ,bcoz FULIA is not ”often” uttered it’s ”always” uttered & comes first. So, my request to you to remove that line please…………

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